Good afternoon, needlewomen. Crochet apron for dolls knitted from cotton yarn crochet №1. The apron is miniature, so it is suitable only for small dolls. For example, I knitted for the doll Alice by 12 cm.

Author’s pattern from Katkarmela. Post ready work and ask questions on the doll pattern in my group in VK, Facebook or Instagram (links on the “About site” page).

Knitted Dress Alice in Wonderland

The apron pattern of the crochet is universal and can be interpreted for any doll with any figure.

Used materials and tools:

  • hook №1
  • YarnArt Iris for clothes
  • YarnArt Violet for body


  • sc – single crochet,
  • dc – double crochet
  • ch – chain,
  • inc – increase,
  • dec – decrease,
  • sl st – slip stitch

Crochet apron for dolls


The body of the Alisa doll is knitted according to this pattern. Without changes.

Video master class


How to knit a dress – link.


Crochet apron for the doll is divided into 4 parts.

The first part is the bottom of the apron. Knit there and back again

1 – amigurumi ring 6 sc

2 – 2 ch, inc (dc) x 6 times (12)

3 – 2 ch, (1 dc, inc) х 6 times (18)

4 – 2 ch, (2 dc, inc) х 6 times (24)

5 – 3 ch, skip 1 loops, ((dc, 3 ch, dc, 3 ch, dc) in 1 loop, skip 2 loops) x 7 times, dc

Scheme how to knit 5th row:

схема фартука

The second part is the belt. Belt will be joined to the top of the apron. Identify 1-3 rows, the belt will be joined from the beginning to the end of the 3rd row of the apron.

Knit 50 ch, join the right edge of the 3rd row, knit 11 sc to the left edge of the 3rd row, do not break the thread, knit 50 ch. Thus, we get a belt.

The third part is the top of the apron.

The top of the apron can be knitted separately and sewn, and you can join at the base of the belt and knit from it upwards. I used the second option.

1 – Join in the 2nd loop of the crocheted belt, knit 2 ch, 9 sc, turn

2 – 2 ch, 9 dc.

Cut and fix the thread.

The fourth part is the top garters of a knitted apron. Knit by the same principle as the belt.

Knit 50 ch, join the top of the apron, 9 sc on the top, knit 50 ch.

Put an apron on a doll, tie a belt and garters.

Crochet apron for dolls FREE Pattern

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